Cat Care of Fayette
Catering to Felines and Small Furry Exotics
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The sights, smells and sounds at Cat Care of Fayette are designed to be pleasing to felines. We provide cushy beds and towels to ensure extra comfort for our hospitalized and surgery patients. We encourage owners to bring toys and blankets from home for our boarding kitties. Music and pampering bring a spa experience to our grooming babies. Furry exotics seem to flourish in feline only practices. Our staff is experienced in the husbandry and medical needs associated with these patients.



The veterinarians and health care staff at Cat Care of Fayette will strive to promote the human-animal bond by providing outstanding healthcare to our patients and superior service to our clients so that each visit is enjoyable, educational and beneficial to both patient and client.  We will provide an atmosphere of constant and sincere compassion, concern and respect for our patients, clients and staff.  In doing so, we will try to create a permanent relationship with our clients and their animals and will actively receive referrals to our practice by these satisfied clients.